Sunday Service
Join us this Sunday
at 10.00am

Coffee and chat
After Sunday service,
at 11.15am

Healing Prayer Room
Saturday from 10am
at Brookes Pharmacy,
South Main Street

Mens Breakfast
Meets the first Saturday of every month in the Gateway.

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Bandon Methodist

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Mission statement

"All for Jesus!"

What we believe

We believe that the Bible is God's love letter to us.

We believe that Jesus Christ came to earth in human form. As well as the example set by His life and teaching, He also came to provide a way for people and God to be together. Without Jesus, this could not happen, because the wrong things people do separate them from God. For people to be separated from God means spiritual and eternal death. But God allowed Jesus to take our wrong upon himself and die the death that we deserved.

Jesus rose from the dead and now lives. In this act He defeated death, not just for Himself, but for all those who believe that what He did was for them.

God loves us and He wants us to know it. Through Jesus God can live in us by the Holy Spirit. This relationship makes us members of God's community on earth and gives us the authority to bring Godís control to the neighbourhood around us.